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But amidst all this professional and social prosperity Mme. Le Brun was now to experience two severe domestic sorrows, one of which was the loss of her mother, of whose death her brother sent her the news from France. The other, related to her daughter, was entirely owing to her own infatuated folly, and was not at all surprising.

Lisette complained bitterly to her husband, who only told her to let them talk, and treated the matter with indignant contempt..
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鈥淚 only care for power for the sake of mercy,鈥 she replied. 鈥淏ut now I am not appealing to your clemency, but to your justice.鈥.
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In April, 1794, they were sent to the Luxembourg where they found the de Mouchy, who had been there five months, and who were lodged in a room over the one in which the Mar茅chale de Mouchy was born. They had also been married at that palace. The three de Noailles were put in the room above them..

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